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3 simple steps to protect your e-mails


Create a private or business account in Oghma.


Connect Oghma with your existing e-mail account.


Write an e-mail to be protected in Oghma and send it safely.

Start to protect important e-mails in less than 60 seconds.


Unprotected e-mail communication often results in theft of

  • Customer data (GDPR)

  • Company data

  • Contracts

  • Business Strategies

  • Research Docs

  • Access Details

  • Personal data

  • Intellectual properties


Hidden content

Oghma extracts a sensitive content from e-mail and saves it into a secure cloud DB.

E-mail notification

Oghma sends a generic notification by e-mail instead.

Selective access

Oghma allows an access to an e-mail only to users with e-mail addresses on recipients list.

Encrypted cloud

Oghma encrypts an e-mail content when it is saved into cloud database.

Personal key

Oghma allows to encrypt every e-mail with a unique encryption key.

Time lock

Oghma allows to set a time lock to limit an access to e-mail after set period of time.

One View Only

Oghma deletes an e-mail after it is read.


Oghma offers multi-factor authentication. Password and PIN or an approved device is required.

Reply only

Oghma stores an e-mail in sender's data space only. Receivers could only reply. No insecure e-mail chains.


Mainly for reading

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One user

Send up to 30 e-mails per month

Storage up to 20MB

No ads

Each mail stored for 4 weeks

Basic features

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For rare use


€4/Month - €39/Year

Send unlimited e-mails

Fair use data space

No ads

Each mail stored for 24 weeks (Extension of time available)

Advanced protection features

from €4.80
For business use


€5.70/Month - €58/Year

Shared space available

Send unlimited e-mails

Advanced protection features

Additional options available

Virtual/own cloud space or in-house deployment

Behind Oghma

We are a team of highly experienced professionals used to working on successful large-scale international projects for major global companies.

Frantisek Rouca


Received Franz von Ziegesar innovation award in USA. Worked at Microsoft European headquarters in Ireland. After that he worked on projects for global corporations as system architect and consultant and his solutions are used by companies as Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Google.

Jiri Krmela


From a position of strategic and project purchaser Jiri supervised several successful NPI and outsourcing projects within corporate environment. Gained experience from corporate purchasing and sales Jiri uses as a project manager and a marketing strategist now.

Jiri Rouca

DB Architect

Designed and implemented IS AUDIT system for Czech Ministry of Finance. Also worked as Senior data Analyst / Business intelligence Specialist for betting company Synot. Designed and develop a complete CRM system for telemarketing company Proveon a.s.

Philippe Gandreaue


Designed a time critical supervision system in a Siemens manufacturing plant and supervision of the security systems in the Louvre museum (including managements of lights, heating, alarms, etc.). He also designed and developed a seat reservation system for ALSTOM.

Filip Hauser


Led successful sales teams, was responsible for development and implementation of sales plans and strategies, marketing support including individual sales programs. He managed an endless number of successful marketing and sales campaigns.

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